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Subject: *[ GUEST BOOK ]*
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nitasha0 24.11.12 - 12:03pm


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rabia148 24.11.12 - 08:54pm
Excellent group for excellent people... Mein ne kahin pe read kia tha k BAA-KAMAAL LOG, LAA-JAWAAB SERVICE. ap laajawab ho frnd.

I'll suggest you some topics, you must share about them. Thanks. *

nitasha0 26.11.12 - 12:45am
Thanks sister and welcome again. I'll add all your Topics. Insha'Allah. Remember me in your special prayers. Jazakallah *

maahim 28.11.12 - 01:50pm
Pretty nice group ISLAM is the best religion in the world so,Be-A-Good-Muslim *

rabia148 29.11.12 - 05:34am
Salam... Dear first of all u must share the complete procedure ''how to offer namaz''. Bcoz iv noted this that almost 40% ppl do lots of mistakes in namaz. Jazakallah *

nitasha0 29.11.12 - 02:30pm
In sha Allah.. Thnx aapi. *

00.cute 16.12.12 - 02:22am
Nice group. JAZAK'ALLAH. *

saasifji 8.04.13 - 03:41pm
Assalamualaikum,Mai mohtarma Rabia ke bat se muttafiq hu. *

nasir106 25.05.13 - 08:10pm

Thankg u so much sister 2 add the islamic topic, please spread ur topic allworld so non muslims 2 know about islam.,,, that is our big vectory *

nitasha0 20.06.13 - 10:27am
Very nice bro. Ap ne islamic hijaab ko bohat piyarey andaaz me explain Kia. Jazakallah. *

rasel79 6.07.13 - 04:59am
As salamu alaikum, i have no enough knowledge about tarabih salah and Eid's. Please give me some tips in order to know about this. It will be helpful for me.
Allah Hafez *

nitasha0 6.07.13 - 06:14pm
wa alaikumusalam! Check topic How to offer prayer *

rasel79 6.07.13 - 07:09pm
Thank you sister for your direction *

rasel79 7.07.13 - 08:15am
It is nafal or sunnah. If i don't performe it, shall i be punished from the God. somebody say that it is nafal and other say sunnah. I am confused. Please sure me. *

nitasha0 9.07.13 - 06:53pm
Brother check topic Ramzanul kareem *

saasifji 22.07.13 - 11:58am
Ya Tarveeh is Sunnah. *

akniazi 22.07.13 - 03:10pm

Here is traveeh



hashmi30 26.05.14 - 10:57am
Assalu alaikum to all. i have joined just now your group''Be-a Good-Muslim''
We should share about our Islamic problems,knowledge. i like your group and be a part of this group. *

nitasha0 9.06.14 - 04:35pm
Jazakallah *

hashmi30 27.06.14 - 11:40am
All members of Be-AGood-Muslim on the advert of the Holy month of Ramadan which is commencing hopefully from Sunday 29/6/2014 (subject to appearance of moon). Let us all remind ourselves that this is a month to retain our body mind and soul in the ways of Quran and Sunnah . It is also a month of caring and giving. This Holy month provides us a chance to get rid of sins and to become closer to Allah. We wish you all the days of Ramadan with great peace and prayers. *

dr34mgrl 6.02.15 - 07:27am
So nice group. i like it very much and being a muslim i like it very much. i pray for all muslim. thankx *

nazam 22.03.17 - 04:06pm

Looking for a life partner Age between 35-42

JazakAllah *

jain5j 28.09.18 - 12:26pm
K *

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